Reiki for families

I began using Reiki in 2008 when my daughter was just one, and I have found Reiki to be invaluable in the process of learning how to parent, meeting my children’s needs, and meeting my own.

Straight away I found Reiki to be incredibly useful in helping my children relax and fall asleep. My children have always been very active, and when they were little they used to be quite keyed up and get more alert when they were tired. By giving them Reiki when settling them down to sleep I was relaxing them, but probably more importantly I was relaxing myself, and I found modelling relaxation set the tone for them.

Bedtime can be incredibly stressful for parents, and by having a daily Reiki practice for myself I feel like I have more energy to deal with any potential challenges. Reiki practice can be very reflective and as I learn to let go of judging myself so harshly it gently allows me to consider my actions, and inspires me to try different approaches.

My children have very good health and are hardly ever ill, and when they are they bounce back very quickly, which I am certain is helped by the Reiki they have every day. I’ve found Reiki to be useful in acute situations too, for example accidents, when often there isn’t much else I can do, it helps to give them, and me, Reiki, which means we both stay calm and I can sort out any medical help we may need.

In summary I’ve found Reiki to help me and my family in the following ways:

relax and calm anxious situations

facilitate better quality of sleep

for energy

as as a preventative measure

for taking responsibility

for living in the moment

How would you like Reiki to benefit you and your loved ones?

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Honouring Mothering

For mothers everywhere,

especially for my mother…

I honour the mother who creates me out of her love

I honour the mother who bears me in her blessed womb

I honour the mother who uses all her strength to birth me

I honour the mother who lovingly nurtures and nourishes me

I honour the mother who soothes away my tears

I honour the mother who holds me in her warm embrace

I honour my mother, every day of my life, with deep gratitude and love


Loving laughter

An unanticipated side effect of engaging with my Reiki path has been an increase in my experience of humour and a lessening of taking life, and myself, quite so seriously. I find myself laughing and having fun more frequently, and end up enjoying mundane situations much more as a result.

When we are smiling and laughing it is very difficult to hold on to our feelings of worry or anger. Therefore, we are able to focus our attention on the moment in front of us. Sometimes we have to practice, if you like ‘fake it to make it’. Maybe stopping worrying is too daunting a task, but instead perhaps we could try out a smile and see where it takes us.

When my daughter was born, over 10 years ago, I experienced a couple of years of immense joy, laughter and smiles, as we took every moment as it came and found enjoyment in simple things. This was the first time in my life I had really been present in the here and now. But then several things happened, all at once, including having my son. Life suddenly became more complicated, more serious and much less fun. I felt I should dedicate more time to doing, and less to being. Thankfully, during this time I began to engage with giving myself Reiki (not just to the kids), and bit by bit I made many changes that have helped me slow down and appreciate what I have around me.

Through daily Reiki practice I have found the strength to let go of things that have hurt me, like my marriage, and to embrace the learning, moving forward empowered and centred in the moment. I wonderful outcome of this is being more connected to the people around me, including my children. Now I hold acceptance, not judgement, for how life has been over the recent years, feeling gratitude that I have moved to a different space.

Being lighter of heart and having more fun, doesn’t mean not caring, or laughing at someone else’s expense. It means not taking yourself quite so seriously, it means freeing your heart to love more.

So please engage with some comic relief and share some laughter on this fun Friday.

Best intentions

intention: determination to act in a particular way, to have in mind a particular purpose or goal (from the French tendere: to hold or stretch)

The Penguin Dictionary

What intentions do you hold and how do they help you?

In Reiki practice, and frequently in life, we recognise the importance of the intentions we set and encourage you to look at the intentions you hold. We start using Reiki (once attuned) by holding the intention for the Reiki to flow, which it the does, straight away. As Mrs Takata, one of the original Reiki Masters and a lineage bearer, used to say to her students “hands on, Reiki on”. We frequently also set our intention that the Reiki will flow for ‘the greatest good and/or highest healing’, if we are giving a self treatment it would for our own greatest good, if we are treating someone else then for their’s.

Beyond this we can use intention in many different ways in life as well as in Reiki practice, but this doesn’t always help us. It can draw our focus on controlling a situation, giving us very specific ideas about what the outcome should be, instead of letting go of the outcome and trusting that what happens is what we need to experience in order to grow. If we make a very specific intention we are engaging our consciousness, which is helpful, however, we can then also become attached to the outcome, which is, perhaps, less helpful.

We cannot control or direct Reiki, either as a practitioner or a recipient, but we can consciously engage with our spiritual growth and development, this in turn can heighten the way we individually take on the Reiki and move forward.

Can we effectively hold an intention for the Reiki to work in a particular way? I doubt it…. We may have a clear sense of how the Reiki is being used by the body and the way we engage with this may  shape the intention we hold, but the healing that takes place is beyond our control, and will always be for the greatest good.

Like with other things that we learn, I feel we first have to learn how to ‘switch on’ our intention, and then subsequently we have to learn how to moderate our intention, to simplify it, or perhaps not use it all. We certainly have to learn how to use it in a way that does not hinder us.

When using intention I encourage you to take a moment to reflect, to be guided by the small, quiet voice within. We will then gain greater clarity about how to focus our attention. In this way we can increase our conscious awareness and our actions will be in greater alignment with our individual purpose.





Just for today do not anger…

Like the first Reiki principle (Just for today do not worry) following this principle requires us to be present in the moment, to bring our attention and all our energies into the here and now. When we feel anger our focus and energies are being directed back to the past; to events that hurt us, either mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically.

I struggle more tangibly with this principle than any of the others. When I’m feeling a state of anger I’m usually not very clear about what I’m angry about and often end up diffusing my anger with whoever is closest to me at the time. I aspire to feeling less anger as I acknowledge my past and release my attachment to what has happened. When I do feel angry I try to pause and find some space to centre myself with Reiki and meditation, to explore what I’m feeling angry about and what I can do about it.

The beauty of Reiki at these times is experiencing that gentle, guiding support, feeling the emotions dissolve and become less important to me. Paradoxically, in some ways, I find myself experiencing stronger emotions, including anger, now that I regularly self treat with Reiki. I believe one of the reasons for this is that I’m more connected to all aspects of myself. I’m also more accepting of who I am, and therefore, also a lot less likely to hide my emotions, burying them deep down to leak out later.

Whilst I experience stronger feelings, they now dissipate much more quickly as I’m able to identify and engage with my feelings and explore what is at the heart of the matter. When in the past (before being attuned to Reiki) I might have dwelt on an issue for days, now it is usually moments, minutes, occasionally hours, as I bring my focus back to the here and now. Whilst we can’t change what happened in the past, we can most definitely alter our perspective, changing our relationship to the past and the hold it has over us.


Give peace a chance

When you feel tired are you in need of sleep, or instead perhaps peace?

For me, peace is a kind of space, an emptiness… it is the quiet as my inner voice grows smaller, slows down. It is the pause between thoughts that, with practice, can get longer and deeper.

Peace is finding a moment to be still and lay my Reiki hands on my body.

Peace is the space where I stop making demands on myself and the external world quietens in response. I start by intending to be peaceful, centred.

My greatest challenge is finding peace when I’m with my children and the everyday demands of parenting. I can spiral into a feeling of letting my children down not just in my interaction with them but by not modelling mindfulness and calm in these situations… and the noise begins – or continues.

But… maybe this is exactly where I need to be. Maybe it’s how I perceive demands that has room to change and shift to something new? What if I saw a demand as an opportunity, an opportunity for connection, to express and receive love?

So I come to the heart of Reiki and see that what I’m looking at is loving myself. Seeing the demands I make on myself in a different light, an opportunity to intend to be loving to myself, to extend an olive branch from my heart to my head.


“Ego says: ‘once everything falls into place, I will find peace.’ Spirit says: ‘find your peace and everything will fall into place.'” Marianne Williamson

Just for today do not worry…

img_0033We all worry at sometime or other. From little worries, “will the traffic be busy this morning?”, to big worries, “will I lose my job?”.

What seems an insignificant worry to one person can seem immense to another. But what all worries have in common is a projection of our attention and energy in to the future. In worrying about something or someone we are not changing the outcome.

We are all able to change our perspective in regard to a worry. We can look at the elements of the situation that are within our sphere of influence and take positive action. We can also let go of our attachment to the outcome of a situation.

When we have Reiki in our lives we are fortunate that we have an additional way of transmuting worry. We can make ourselves comfortable, switch on our Reiki hands, place them on our body, the solar plexus is a good place to start, and intend that the Reiki flow to the situation, so that it is resolved for everyone’s greatest good, and to bring our energy back to our centre, in the here and now.

What worries do you have that you would like Reiki to help with?