Reiki for families

I began using Reiki in 2008 when my daughter was just one, and I have found Reiki to be invaluable in the process of learning how to parent, meeting my children’s needs, and meeting my own.

Straight away I found Reiki to be incredibly useful in helping my children relax and fall asleep. My children have always been very active, and when they were little they used to be quite keyed up and get more alert when they were tired. By giving them Reiki when settling them down to sleep I was relaxing them, but probably more importantly I was relaxing myself, and I found modelling relaxation set the tone for them.

Bedtime can be incredibly stressful for parents, and by having a daily Reiki practice for myself I feel like I have more energy to deal with any potential challenges. Reiki practice can be very reflective and as I learn to let go of judging myself so harshly it gently allows me to consider my actions, and inspires me to try different approaches.

My children have very good health and are hardly ever ill, and when they are they bounce back very quickly, which I am certain is helped by the Reiki they have every day. I’ve found Reiki to be useful in acute situations too, for example accidents, when often there isn’t much else I can do, it helps to give them, and me, Reiki, which means we both stay calm and I can sort out any medical help we may need.

In summary I’ve found Reiki to help me and my family in the following ways:

relax and calm anxious situations

facilitate better quality of sleep

for energy

as as a preventative measure

for taking responsibility

for living in the moment

How would you like Reiki to benefit you and your loved ones?

Contact me to find out more about treatments and learning Reiki for yourself.


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