Loving laughter

An unanticipated side effect of engaging with my Reiki path has been an increase in my experience of humour and a lessening of taking life, and myself, quite so seriously. I find myself laughing and having fun more frequently, and end up enjoying mundane situations much more as a result.

When we are smiling and laughing it is very difficult to hold on to our feelings of worry or anger. Therefore, we are able to focus our attention on the moment in front of us. Sometimes we have to practice, if you like ‘fake it to make it’. Maybe stopping worrying is too daunting a task, but instead perhaps we could try out a smile and see where it takes us.

When my daughter was born, over 10 years ago, I experienced a couple of years of immense joy, laughter and smiles, as we took every moment as it came and found enjoyment in simple things. This was the first time in my life I had really been present in the here and now. But then several things happened, all at once, including having my son. Life suddenly became more complicated, more serious and much less fun. I felt I should dedicate more time to doing, and less to being. Thankfully, during this time I began to engage with giving myself Reiki (not just to the kids), and bit by bit I made many changes that have helped me slow down and appreciate what I have around me.

Through daily Reiki practice I have found the strength to let go of things that have hurt me, like my marriage, and to embrace the learning, moving forward empowered and centred in the moment. I wonderful outcome of this is being more connected to the people around me, including my children. Now I hold acceptance, not judgement, for how life has been over the recent years, feeling gratitude that I have moved to a different space.

Being lighter of heart and having more fun, doesn’t mean not caring, or laughing at someone else’s expense. It means not taking yourself quite so seriously, it means freeing your heart to love more.

So please engage with some comic relief and share some laughter on this fun Friday.


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