Best intentions

intention: determination to act in a particular way, to have in mind a particular purpose or goal (from the French tendere: to hold or stretch)

The Penguin Dictionary

What intentions do you hold and how do they help you?

In Reiki practice, and frequently in life, we recognise the importance of the intentions we set and encourage you to look at the intentions you hold. We start using Reiki (once attuned) by holding the intention for the Reiki to flow, which it the does, straight away. As Mrs Takata, one of the original Reiki Masters and a lineage bearer, used to say to her students “hands on, Reiki on”. We frequently also set our intention that the Reiki will flow for ‘the greatest good and/or highest healing’, if we are giving a self treatment it would for our own greatest good, if we are treating someone else then for their’s.

Beyond this we can use intention in many different ways in life as well as in Reiki practice, but this doesn’t always help us. It can draw our focus on controlling a situation, giving us very specific ideas about what the outcome should be, instead of letting go of the outcome and trusting that what happens is what we need to experience in order to grow. If we make a very specific intention we are engaging our consciousness, which is helpful, however, we can then also become attached to the outcome, which is, perhaps, less helpful.

We cannot control or direct Reiki, either as a practitioner or a recipient, but we can consciously engage with our spiritual growth and development, this in turn can heighten the way we individually take on the Reiki and move forward.

Can we effectively hold an intention for the Reiki to work in a particular way? I doubt it…. We may have a clear sense of how the Reiki is being used by the body and the way we engage with this may  shape the intention we hold, but the healing that takes place is beyond our control, and will always be for the greatest good.

Like with other things that we learn, I feel we first have to learn how to ‘switch on’ our intention, and then subsequently we have to learn how to moderate our intention, to simplify it, or perhaps not use it all. We certainly have to learn how to use it in a way that does not hinder us.

When using intention I encourage you to take a moment to reflect, to be guided by the small, quiet voice within. We will then gain greater clarity about how to focus our attention. In this way we can increase our conscious awareness and our actions will be in greater alignment with our individual purpose.






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