Give peace a chance

When you feel tired are you in need of sleep, or instead perhaps peace?

For me, peace is a kind of space, an emptiness… it is the quiet as my inner voice grows smaller, slows down. It is the pause between thoughts that, with practice, can get longer and deeper.

Peace is finding a moment to be still and lay my Reiki hands on my body.

Peace is the space where I stop making demands on myself and the external world quietens in response. I start by intending to be peaceful, centred.

My greatest challenge is finding peace when I’m with my children and the everyday demands of parenting. I can spiral into a feeling of letting my children down not just in my interaction with them but by not modelling mindfulness and calm in these situations… and the noise begins – or continues.

But… maybe this is exactly where I need to be. Maybe it’s how I perceive demands that has room to change and shift to something new? What if I saw a demand as an opportunity, an opportunity for connection, to express and receive love?

So I come to the heart of Reiki and see that what I’m looking at is loving myself. Seeing the demands I make on myself in a different light, an opportunity to intend to be loving to myself, to extend an olive branch from my heart to my head.


“Ego says: ‘once everything falls into place, I will find peace.’ Spirit says: ‘find your peace and everything will fall into place.'” Marianne Williamson


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