Just for today do not worry…

img_0033We all worry at sometime or other. From little worries, “will the traffic be busy this morning?”, to big worries, “will I lose my job?”.

What seems an insignificant worry to one person can seem immense to another. But what all worries have in common is a projection of our attention and energy in to the future. In worrying about something or someone we are not changing the outcome.

We are all able to change our perspective in regard to a worry. We can look at the elements of the situation that are within our sphere of influence and take positive action. We can also let go of our attachment to the outcome of a situation.

When we have Reiki in our lives we are fortunate that we have an additional way of transmuting worry. We can make ourselves comfortable, switch on our Reiki hands, place them on our body, the solar plexus is a good place to start, and intend that the Reiki flow to the situation, so that it is resolved for everyone’s greatest good, and to bring our energy back to our centre, in the here and now.

What worries do you have that you would like Reiki to help with?


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